Elevate Your Massage Therapy Practice: A Success Story with The Mind and Body Shop

Posted by CryBaby Wellness, Urban Apothecary on May 1st 2024

Elevate Your Massage Therapy Practice: A Success Story with The Mind and Body Shop

Meet Paige from The Mind and Body Shop where she incorporates her clinical and eastern practice into client care. A "Whole-istic" view, supporting mental, physical and spiritual health in all her services. 

"We see the body as a whole system to give you our most authentically effective solutions to your addressed matters." 

We are proud to support The Mind and Body Shop LLC and their clients with our full spectrum CBD oil and topicals - used in treatment and available for purchase. Paige loves our 4XL Pain Relief blend, topical pain reliever, as spot treatments in her services. 

Expertly formulated to: 

  • Increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and promote healing to the area 
  • Relieve chronic pain in low back, neck, knees and more 

Customers love it for: 

  • Long lasting pain relief for chronic conditions like arthritis, bone-on-bone and degenerative issues 
  • Organic ingredients made by nature. No synthetics ever 
  • Easy to apply hands-free Stick or Balm 

Voted Number One Spa in the community, The Mind and Body Shop offers a wide range of modalities from therapeutic, prenatal and sports massage to reiki, cupping, red light therapy and so much more. 

Connect here: 

If you are thinking of adding CBD to your product or service line, please reach out. We offer personal service, education, great margins and low minimums. We work only with community-focused small businesses across the US. No chains, no big box stores. Just one-on-one support, from our staff to yours; small business owner to small business owner.