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CBD Body Butter Pain Relief

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Product Overview

Super nourishing CBD infused body butter in a 120ml (4oz) eco container or in a large size (20oz) glass jar. Pairs perfectly with our bath soak and soap. Loved by massage therapists for in room use.

100mg full spectrum CBD hemp oil, pure essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, coco butter. Vegan options available.

Rotating menu include the following blends. Send a note for a custom formulation.

  • Pain Relief (spicy blend used in our topical pain relievers)
  • Best Sleep Ever (lavender blend)
  • Breathe (eucalyptus blend)
  • Serenity (calming yet cheerful blend)
  • Deep Relief (formulated for nerve pain, great as a mild scented pain reliever)